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Assurance Services
Progressive Design-Led Assurance across Insurance Value Chain

InsurTech is fueling continuous disruption of the Insurance industry - trending to digital revolution, the demand of differential underwriting capability and a surge in service expectations of clients. This has yielded in operational service component changes, viz. policy-buying decisions, telematics usage in claims settlement, omni-channel services, etc. Therefore, there is a need for the industry to modernize Legacy IT Systems into modular & agile platforms.

At L&T Infotech, our Intelligent Insurance Platform for Assurance keeps our clients ahead in platform modernization and ensures an uninterrupted Business-as-Usual with accelerated time & quality.



    Assurance Services

  • Business Assurance across:
    • Business Aggregation
    • Agency, Billing
    • Policy Administration System, Claims
    • Re-insurance and Finance
  • Data Assurance Framework for back office and MIS applications efficiency
  • Benefits

  • Faster Implementation/ Integration
  • Reduced effort duplication through reusable components design


    Assurance Services

  • Leading Commercial Off-the-Shelf Product Competency Framework with reusable scenarios
  • Policy Administration System automated regression (Risk affiliated modular suite)
  • Omni-channel Assurance
  • Benefits

  • Enhanced Test Coverage yielded in Finer Quality
  • Quicker Time-to-Market through early Automation


    Assurance Services

  • Underwriting & Claims Data Assurance as part of predictive analytics
  • Enhanced custom-based rating and forms validation
  • Technology currency migration assurance for platform enhancements and Merger & Acquisitions
  • Benefits

  • Efficient Underwriting Experience, enabling Competitive Policy Pricing
  • Output-based Pricing Strategy

Insurance Commercial Off-the-Shelf Product-specific Scenarios

  • Helps improve test coverage.
  • Optimized release window through risk-based regression.


  • Reduces manual oversight to ZERO through auto-comparison of policy documents and forms.
  • 2 million record validations in 5 minutes through Data Assurance Solution.