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The traditional Brick and Mortar growth in the Retail Industry is being seriously challenged, as digital mobile consumers, with a plethora of devices, are ever-connected and transact with their mobile devices within and outside the store. Physical and digital channels are blurring, and the consumer wants a seamless experience across every interaction with the retailer.

A multitude of consumer interactions with Brands and Retailers, has resulted in generating a tremendous amount of data, and has led to an opportunity that we like to call 'Information of Everything'. Social, mobile, location & device data, combined with the traditional operations data, can enable retailers realize advanced data insights in consumers, products, brands, channels, competition and their interactions.

Consumer preferences are steadily changing; with healthier, more convenient, organic and wellness preferences leading to innovative Branding, Marketing and Social opportunities for retailers. These necessitate a reallocation of marketing spend, and increased opportunities for focused, targeted and personalized consumer interactions and promotions.

L & T Infotech(LTI) enables its clients to address these challenges and transform their businesses. Our innovative experiences in Digital, IoT and Analytics, coupled with our rich heritage in Manufacturing and Supply Chain, helps us serve our clients better. The segments we serve include Retail Grocery, Fashion, Specialty, and Wholesale Distribution.

Our Experience

  • Digital Transformations and Mobility, User Experience Design
  • IoT for Retail Store Operations
  • Business and Consumer insights via Big Data / Analytics
  • Supply Chain Management, POS Transformation, Digital Payments, Multi-channel Integration
  • Industry Solutions in various retail functions, including in-store activity optimization, retail operations, demand forecasting, consumer segmentation, among others.
  • e-Commerce solutions for platforms like Hybris, ATG, WCS IBM, and other open source e-Commerce platforms.
  • ERP Services - SAP, Oracle, JDE, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics
  • Cloud and Infrastructure Services