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Oil & Gas
Terminal Automation System

Terminal operations are a strategic arm of the Oil & Gas marketing value chain. As terminal operation volume continues to grow throughout the world, terminals are seeking ways of improving the productivity and efficiency with which they meet customer requirements. Today's terminals are expected to handle increased volume, larger vessels and greater capacity. Terminal operators need to streamline their business processes in order to stay competitive and profitable.

L&T Infotech's Integrated Terminal Automation System provides monitoring, control and management of the entire product handling process, right from receiving to storage to distribution. Our terminal and tank farm experience includes products such as crude oil, refined oil, liquefied natural gas, petroleum gas and chemical tank farms; utilizing loading systems for ships, trains, trucks and pipelines.

With data integration as the system's core, our solution combines automatic control and business management functions, and helps reduce cost of execution and improves productivity, efficiency & safety.


Apps of Service

Assessing and assisting in Service-related Cloud App implementations

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Building customized applications on proven platforms like

Why Us?

  • 7+ years of experience in providing 24X7 support to PROS Pricing Solutions for several clients across the globe.
  • We work and integrate seamlessly with PROS teams in offering a one-stop service for the client.
  • 40+ PROS Pricing Trained & Certified resources, with technical and product experience for support.
  • We are a unique strategic partner for PROS.

PROS Services

  • End-to-End Product Integration:We help integrate PROS to the ERP/Middleware of your choice to create a single version of truth.
  • Collaborative Product Implementation:With expert advice from PROS, we lead the product implementation for delivering client-specific PROS solutions.
  • Data Migration:We help migrate data from your Legacy systems to Cloud Apps, and complete data cleansing & the de-duplication of records.
  • Post-Implementation Support:We develop enhancements for leveraging implementation and enable automation & stabilization post implementation. Custom Report Development: We custom develop MSRS reports and integration with PROS..

PROS Capabilities

  • We work on implementation & support of Selling PRO, which provides quoting, configuration and e-Commerce solutions. Our expertise lies across:
  • Deal Desk:Deal Management capabilities, including Customer Agreement information and Product & Price guidance, with Automated Quote Generation and Approval Workflows. It instantly creates winning proposals for the sales team.
  • Smart CPQ:We help you make the most of your CRM through Smart CPQ - Configure, Price & Quote solutions, driven by Data Science.
  • e-Commerce:We support e-Commerce solutions by PROS, enabling your customers to experience consistent pricing across multiple channels.
  • We help implement and support Pricing PRO, which helps clients define and implement price optimization strategies to drive sales and margin growth. The Pricing PRO platform delivers better insight into pricing practices, enhances control over execution and provides prescriptive recommendations for the sales team.
  • Control:We help setup PROS Control, which provides a master data or single source of truth for comprehensive and centralized price management, pricing strategy and execution. It provides in-depth focus on revenue and margin leakages, and eliminates pricing errors to expect better revenue and profit growth.