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Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas

The current 2-year crisis in the Energy sector has catalyzed a new era in the Oil & Gas industry. Unconventional Shale exploitation continues to grow, and conventional assets continue to decline by 8% per annum. A new level of efficiency and cost optimization is required, to compete and remain profitable.

At L&T Infotech, we understand the necessity of industry leaders for adopting new technologies & methodologies, to achieve the step change improvements required for a sustainable future. Our Engineering & Manufacturing heritage positions us really well for leading the charge on improving efficiencies by providing automation & control systems, and extending the benefits across Upstream, Midstream and Downstream.

Integration, Orchestration and Automation, supporting Integrated Operations Centers, is a trend sweeping across the industry. Powerful real-time advanced analytics and decision support capabilities require foundational business domain knowledge, merged with the ability to deliver the required technical solutions. Increasing facilities uptime, decreasing costs and optimizing production are the desired outcomes, and we have expertly delivered these results for several of our clients globally.

Oil & Gas Technology Solutions

L&T Infotech’s Oil & Gas Business Unit (BU) offers domain solutions to cater to the widespread industry needs. Given the dynamic market conditions, our solutions not only help improve operational efficiencies, but are also capable of transforming your business, thereby bringing tremendous value to our Energy clients.

These solutions encompass the expertise we bring in areas of Digital Oil Field, IT/OT Convergence, Cyber Security, Terminal Management, PetroTech Applications, Major Capital Projects, and Facilities Engineering and Information Management.

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