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Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment

The Media, Entertainment and Information Services industry is at a moment of transition, where new business models co-exist with traditional ones, while rapidly out-growing the latter. “Over-the-top” has arrived and is on its way to be the preferred model of media consumption as consumers want content anywhere, anytime, and on any platform. Content, especially video content, has been democratized and has therefore exploded, fueled by the expansion of internet, along with the proliferation of devices.

This poses a threat and an opportunity to existing market leaders. While it means an erosion in the traditional revenue streams, those willing to evolve can unlock tremendous potential by directly marketing to a targeted technology-savvy audience. The key imperatives of this change are faster time-to-market, lean & mean operations, and real-time analysis of the numerous parameters of a continuously evolving landscape.

At L&T Infotech, we enable industry leaders to adopt new technologies & methods, not only to adapt to this dynamic environment, but to also ride the wave and deliver sustainable, profitable growth. We leverage our deep domain expertise and the ability to link the physical with the digital, and partner with our clients on this exciting journey.

We leverage our strengths in content management & consumption, customer & transaction management, rights management and advanced analytics, to provide industry-recognized services and solutions to our clients. Through our Business First execution approach, we have consistently enabled highly available, agile, and technologically-updated solutions, while driving efficiencies in cost and time.



L&T Infotech serves leading Media, Entertainment & Information systems clients, with industry-specific IT solutions focused around Broadcasting, Filmed Entertainment, Music, Print & Publishing.

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