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At L&T Infotech, we have the unique advantage of leveraging a rich domain expertise and real-life experience in Risk Management, by virtue of our parent company, the L&T Group and our sister companies. With our technology expertise rooted in the Insurance Domain, we help clients solve complex business problems such as Digital Adoption, Customer Experience Management, Speed-to-Market, Underwriting Profitability, Operational Efficiency, Distribution Effectiveness and Claims Optimization.

Our Clients
We have experience across the entire Insurance value chain, including Insurance Intermediaries, Carriers, Reinsurers, Regulators and the Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

Our key clients include:

  • Three of the Top 10 insurers in North America.
  • One of the largest Life Insurance, Banking & Investment providers in the Nordic region.
  • One of the world’s largest Reinsurer & Specialty Insurance providers.
  • One of the world’s largest Insurance Intermediary & HR/Health and Benefits Consulting Firm.
  • Large P&C, Reinsurance and Investment Management group, headquartered in Canada.
  • 5+ worker’s compensation providers, including the Top 2 US-based Insurers.

Our Differentiators
Our Insurance domain expertise and solutions- With more than 10% of our workforce made up of insurance domain experts, and more than 70% certified in Insurance Domain courses by ‘The Institutes’, ‘LOMA’ and ‘CII’. We specialize in services and solutions for the insurance industry. We offer tangible, proven solutions to enable profitable underwriting, claims efficiency & loss prevention, new-age distribution and delightful customer experience.

Customer Centricity- At L&T Infotech, we service select customers and ensure highest customer satisfaction through execution excellence. Most of our engagements in insurance are more than a decade old with consistent high satisfaction ratings. We provide end-to-end services leveraging mature, managed, outcome linked outsourcing models.

Real-life experience at the intersection of Digital and Physical – L&T group companies are at the forefront of digital innovation. We bring proven digital solutions to insurance companies by leveraging real-world experience at L&T companies.

Analyst Speak

  • Novarica’s independent customer experience Audit of L&T Infotech’s Insurance clients’ overall positive experiences, and an improvement in development, quality, and process, through working with L&T Infotech.
  • SMA’s perspective about Modern Underwriting and Claims Transformation featuring L&T Infotech’s solutions.
  • The insurance industry is at an inflection point, where technology disruption and new business models are fundamentally reshaping the current landscape,” said Jimit Arora, Partner, Everest Group. “Ongoing enhancements to its offerings portfolio, flexible engagement constructs, and consistent market success in the insurance application outsourcing business helped L&T Infotech enhance its market positioning as a Major Contender and achieve its position as a Star Performer on the 2016 Everest Group Insurance AO PEAK MatrixTM.
    -Jimit Arora, Partner at Everest Group
  • LTI’s AccuRUSITM 2.0 brings the power of ‘Connected World’ to Underwriting, leveraging ACORD standards. It is a unique solution, as it provides end-to-end IoT capabilities, with ready adaptors to connect with a variety of sensors, so that carriers need not spend time in getting the data, but focus on providing improved value proposition to their customers.
    - Bill Pieroni, CEO of ACORD



Point of View

Blockchain: For the Insurance Industry

Blockchain, as a tool for disintermediation, is simply too powerful to ignore, which can potentially remove the gatekeepers from a number of processes, and enable automation.

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