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The Healthcare industry caters to both, the payer and provider market, and is currently undergoing various challenges. In order to cope with these fast-moving changes and meet the stringent timelines, we offer solutions and services matching the best industry standards.

Changing Trends and Regulations

Healthcare Insurance Payers and Providers are continuously making changes to their applications to adhere to the ongoing changes demanded as a result of regulatory reforms.

Our services and solutions help Government and Private healthcare organizations meet the intensifying business challenges during mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliances and unstable market trends.

Quality and Margin Improvement

Utilizing current technology skills and trends in the market, along with our strong domain expertise, we help healthcare organizations increase operational efficiency, while reducing and managing costs effectively. We assist our clients in adopting efficient operational models and business processes to enhance service quality.

Data Tsunami​

While digitization, integration and automation initiatives lead to highly complex sets of data sources that demand newer models for data management and healthcare business analytics; we make the whole process simple and highly beneficial.

Healthcare insurance organizations spend millions of dollars in dealing with data ambiguity which occurs due to changes that are not applied. Our One-View Master Data Management solution provides data cleansing solutions which can integrate within the existing applications, as well as interface with external portals.

Independent Validation and Verification Services (IVV)

Healthcare organizations are trying to achieve quality assurance in the most cost-effective manner. Validation and Verification services provide management with an independent perspective on project activities and promote early detection of project/product variances.

Legacy Decommissioning

The ROI from any modernization endeavor cannot be achieved until legacy systems are totally decommissioned. Analysts study reveal that IT consolidation and decommissioning of legacy systems can save as much as 30% of IT spend, and delayed decommissioning results in significant erosion of returns from transformation investments. Our business-driven SureLM™ methodology for modernization reduces time-to-market (product launch lifecycle), reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and aligns IT with business strategy.​

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