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Sapphire: Monitor and Analyze Social Pulse

A growing number of consumers are discussing their retail & brand experiences online – leveraging a host of different social media platforms. 45 - 70% of consumers rely on social media before making a purchase decision. As a result, retailers are looking for ways to engage with their online audience, and monitor what they are saying about their particular brand. Retailers, today, want to listen and respond to people’s perceptions, both positive and negative. L&T Infotech’s (LTI) Sapphire addresses this need, and allows retailers to monitor, analyze and visualize the consumer’s sentiment.

Big Data Relevance

Social media applications generate a huge volume (petabytes, exabytes, etc.) of data. But, this data is generally unstructured, making it difficult to analyze. As the data size continues to increase, however, the cost of technologies that enable extraction of meaningful patterns from this data, continues to fall. This makes it easier for retailers to leverage the power of Big Data to provide differentiated competitive insights, thus predicting trends and bringing products faster to market.


  • L&T Infotech's Sapphire is a scalable cloud platform, enabling Social Media Analytics. It is an open source-based social media analysis solution, with choice of Big Data and non-Big Data platforms. The analytics engine has a multilingual support functionality, and uses Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) to analyze data and generate meaningful reports. It helps assess:
    • Brand Discovery
    • Customer Feedback
    • Impact of Promotions and Offers
    • Competitor Analysis


  • Reliable and accurate Sentiment Analysis report.
  • Low-cost open source-based solution.
  • Improves brand building campaigns by identifying client / market opinions, and engaging key influencers and opinion leaders.
  • Analyzes voice of analysts, news, client surveys, competitors, forums, reviews.
  • Competitive analysis of products and companies helps in staying ahead of the competition.
  • Open source-based social media analysis solution.
  • Ready connectors for standard social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Sentiment extraction from blogs, URLs, Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, Documents, Google Plus, etc.
  • Leveraging NLP and other prediction & clustering-based algorithms, for analytics and segmentation of social data.
  • Multilingual Support
  • Sapphire supports :
    • Spam analysis for reviews given on product websites
    • Competitor analysis of brands and products
    • Detection of customer intent to churn
    • Advertisement campaign monitoring
    • Twitter tweet monitoring
    • Demand prediction
    • ‘Voice of Customer’ analysis
    • Gender-based analysis
    • Geo-location and demographics-based sentiment analysis
    • Brand reputation management
    • Generation of reports at a user-defined frequency, such as daily, hourly, monthly, etc.
    • Domain-specific analysis for the CPG Industry