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Consumer Packaged Goods

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Industry is going through a tumultuous change. Consumer preferences are shifting to healthier and more convenient organic and wellness products, leading to Innovative Products, Branding, Marketing and Social Opportunities, for CPG companies.

CPG companies are forging ahead to create digital connections. They are also making attempts to connect directly with their consumers, trying to establish not only a lifetime brand association, but also a two-way communication to hear from their consumers on their experiences, as well as the comments and feedback about their brand. Social, mobile & location device data have led to a greater focus on consumers, products, brands, channels, competition, and their interactions through advanced data insights.

The rise of everything digital has also led to Digital Marketing. It has necessitated not only a reallocation of marketing spend with the traditional retail industry, but has also created opportunities for focused, targeted and personalized consumer interactions and promotions, across the digital spectrum.

There is an increased focus on Cost Efficiency. The growing influence of private equity and M&A has necessitated efficient backend systems, including Manufacturing, Merchandising and Supply Chain Systems; Industrial IoT; and Business Process & Robotic Process Automation.

L&T Infotech (LTI) enables its clients to address these challenges and transform their businesses. Our innovative experiences in Digital, Industrial IoT and Analytics, coupled with our rich heritage in Manufacturing and Supply Chain, helps us serve our clients better.