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​Academic institutions are facing new challenges every day. Achieving education excellence along with execution of mandatory operational processes has become a challenge to run an institute within constrained budgets. Apart from executing operational processes in a transparent and auditable manner, new processes are required to be introduced to meet the ever-changing norms and compliance guidelines. In such a scenario, it is imperative to have a flexible automated solution - one that ensures improved productivity of all stakeholders of the institute, keeps pace with changes in operations and accreditation norms, and provides a collaborative workplace.

CampusNext™ is L&T Infotech's comprehensive ready-to-use cloud ERP that can help institutes achieve the excellence they are seeking, while automating mundane and repetitive tasks. It leverages innovative technologies such as virtualization, mobility and analytics to improve the work life of all stakeholders. Its comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality automates operational processes so that institutes can focus on further improving quality of education. Unlike off-the-shelf products, CampusNext™ allows extensive customization and instant addition of new functionality specific to an institute's needs. It also allows development of completely new modules.

CampusNext™ is offered as Software-as-a-service (SaaS) part of L&T Infotech's MOSAIC™ digital transformation framework. CampusNext™ is hosted on L&T Infotech's LTIAppShop™ Cloud. The cloud platform has in-built value-added functionality for document management, social collaboration, self-service for reporting and analytics, helpdesk and integrated billing capabilities. All of the existing as well as newly added functionality is smart device-enabled, and can be accessed using smart phones or tablets.

CampusNext™ is available in the pay-as-you-use model (usage-based pricing) that significantly lowers capital expenditure. It also shields the institute from infrastructure maintenance or technology obsolescence issues.

MOSAIC is L&T Infotech's Digital Transformation Framework that encompasses Mobility-Online-Social-Analytics-IoT-Cloud.