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At L&T Infotech, we look at Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) differently. Our employee-volunteers enjoy spending their personal time with less fortunate sections of the society. This includes teaching community students, visiting orphanages and old age homes; organizing medical camps and helping Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) sell their products/artifacts. This volunteering is for seeking personal fulfillment and joy. It is all about giving back to the society. Moreover, as a by-product, it brings some cheer in the lives of the underprivileged.

At L&T Infotech, we call this initiative - '1Step – creating fulfilling moments.' It is due to this unique focus that we call this Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) and it also promotes sustainable community development with a commitment to promote the cause of creating a more inclusive society.

Through this initiative, we wish to ensure that our employees, who are an integral part of this initiative, grow as complete individuals, by bringing forth the leader in them who will drive change, rise above the situation and most importantly, develop a holistic perspective towards life.

To learn more about CSR Policy Framework, Click Here.
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    Divya Raj
    Enterprise Integration

    “I started working closely with 1Step around 12 months ago and it has been a wonderful experience working with the 1Step team and leveraging this CSR platform. It has been a pleasant surprise to see the way our team, the NGOs and other stakeholders have been innovatively using technology for helping the underprivileged sections of society -- every interaction and venture has been a great learning. I am extremely delighted to be a part of the 1Step team in this CSR journey which gives a deep sense of satisfaction by helping us to contribute to the society despite our hectic schedules.”

  • Sushmita Jain
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    Sushmita Jain
    Banking & Financial Services

    “1-Step as the name speaks has marked my first step towards getting involved in social development by providing me an excellent platform for the same. I had been to similar events before but 1Step would be close to my heart always. It has fulfilled my desire to contribute my bit towards something which is much above than any material happiness. 1Step activities such as Teaching Kids who hail from different societal conditions, Sapling Plantation, Orphanage Visits and many more such activities. Through 1Step teaching initiatives, I had a wonderful learning experience along with teaching. When I would see the kids and people out there they teach me that happiness has no reason. I have never seen such positivity, bright smiling & happy faces anywhere else.1Step has provided me with direct access to such wonderful opportunities and I’m really very grateful for that. I would conclude by saying “Contribute something that can never be returned back, because that’s a priceless contribution and the feeling you get by doing so is really wonderful. Thank You So much 1Step”

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    Surabhi Mathur
    Banking & Financial Services

    Storytelling equips the storyteller with a power to spread his/her message and to the listeners it gives knowledge and lessons that would help them make wiser decisions and become better citizens. In all the story telling sessions, I have always observed a twinkle in the eye and an innocent anticipation in the children. When kids enact the characters (King, Queen, Ants, Lion, Soldier, etc ) of these stories during a role play, then in a small way maybe, they understand and appreciate the positive qualities that these characters represent . I am confident that understanding qualities of a just, wise and fair King or of a hard working Ant which saves food for its future, can lay a strong moral foundation for these children who will one day be our future leaders. With great anticipation children await a new poetry or song that will be taught to them, this way learning become fun . Volunteering is a two way street. In return for the time spent in the 1-Step volunteering activities, I have gained contentment, peace of mind and a sense of purpose. The mathematics class had given me an opportunity to pursue my passion for teaching while the variety classes and spoken English classes were a big stress buster as they are filled with many creative and fun activities equally loved by the kid in me “

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    Manish Mukund Modsing

    “I work as an Associate Consultant for PeopleSoft. Previously I have been associated with various other organizations, through which I worked towards the well-being of our society. Before joining the 1st Step team at L&T Infotech it was very difficult to manage time and be so intriguely involved in the various social activities continuously. I am glad that 1st Step gave me an opportunity to actively participate in activities such as- Tree Plantation, Mensuration activity and Rakshabandhan celebrations with physically and mentally challenged children, Diwali Celebration at Old age home and many more. It was also a pleasure to be a part of the Education initiatives at R. F. Naik School, Koparkhairane. The joy in making others smile with your existence is an immense pleasure and I fall short of words while describing the entire experience. It was a wonderful journey till date with 1st step Airoli and I shall continue with the same spirit in the future as well.”

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    Nayna Ramakant Raut

    As a part of the CSR initiative, I started recording for Talking Books about a year ago and the journey has been astonishing. Little did I know that it would be one of my greatest learning experience! I realized that recording your voice for the unsighted not only enhances your alertness and improves concentration but it also makes you more empathetic. It helps you be a better you! And it surely has helped me improve as a person. They say it is impossible to explain sunlight to the blind but I think the beauty lies in helping them feel its warmth and the Talking Books initiative gives us the opportunity to do so

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    Naga Vamsidhar Rayapalli
    Banking & Financial Services

    Thanks to 1step for giving us the opportunity to feel happy deep from the heart, especially Mr. Vinodh who is taking it in a bigger way now a days. This was really a great event this year in the Joy of Giving Week, I had always enjoyed participating in the 1step events with different NGO's who are working with a pride of serving the needy people to build better INDIA. JOY of GIVING to Society will help to growth of Nation and future generations. I am proud to be a part this moment and events.