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A global CPG company dealing in food & beverages, beauty products,
and personal care products.

Business Challenge
The client was facing multi-dimensional challenges triggered by ecommerce, which necessitated reinvention of
the way it did business. With younger, tech-savvy consumers making this market dynamic and fragmented, the
company wanted to become proactive and spontaneous in portfolio management, pricing and planning. The
power, structure and speed of e-commerce data presented unique challenges to our client:

  • Demystifying and mapping unstructured information into organized demand space, brand and SKU level information
  • Creating an infrastructure which could extract insights in near real-time from this steady stream
  • Triangulating market performance, product performance and portfolio through algorithmic interventions to
    arrive at actionable recommendations on pricing and product opportunities

LTI Solu­tion
LTI’s virtual analyst solution Leni’s cognitive engine powered by ML based data enrichment generated
comprehensive recommendations, detecting by leveraging not only the historic observations, but also the
emerging trends in the data analyzed. After thorough analysis, it could generate business-ready inputs as below:

  • Summarize: Leni summarized the data by providing insight-driven views across performance KPIs (Sales,
    Market share) for the business and its competitors.
  • Diagnose: Insights identifying data patterns, anomalies and outliers creating a comprehensive understanding
    of category and competition set.
  • Predict & Prescribe: Strategic recommendation on market white spaces and portfolio expansion opportunities.

Business Benefits

  • Successful deployment in 9 CPG categories across three of the largest markets
  • Recommendations around price actions, pack architecture, whitespace opportunities, emerging trends and
    customer chatter
  • Identified USD 500+ million worth of revenue opportunities
  • Multifold increase in analysts’ productivity – works taking weeks now done in seconds