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Oil & Gas

Our digital oil field suite is closely mapped with the oil and gas industry touchpoints. It comprises solutions across the upstream, midstream and downstream value chain. The digital oil field consists of solutions like field service management, well locator, health and safety inspection, sample analysis, dashboards, etc. to help clients across the Oil & Gas industry.


  • With the help of our Digital Oil Field solution, Oil & Gas companies can access complete oil field and production data in real-time from any location, as well as reduce the effort and time taken by field engineers to perform inspections & audits, and resolve issues.
  • Helps drive efficiencies of plant operations by up to 20%.
  • Increased footfalls at fuel retail stations by providing personalised experiences through AR & loyalty program integration.
  • With the help of AR and wearables, the solution helps clients reduce spillage losses due to drilling, and enables on-field engineers efficiently collaborate with SMEs on the backend.