Mosaic Decisions

The importance of analyzing enterprise-wide data in formulating and executing winning business strategies cannot be emphasized enough. However, companies need the right set of Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics solutions to derive actionable business insights from raw data, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher turnover.

Firms today rely heavily on Analytics and Data Science to make sense of the vast volumes of business data generated and collated every day. Yet, very few organizations have chosen to invest in Enterprise Business Intelligence Solutions. Considering the crucial role that Data Analytics functions play in overall business decision-making, investing in their maturity in terms of strategy, planning and finding the talent at scale, is a must.

LTI has developed Mosaic Decisions, an Analytics-as-a-Service offering, which seamlessly addresses challenges organizations face when trying to leverage Analytics and Data Science for better decision-making. Mosaic is the sum total of Simplified Data Orchestration, Democratized Data Science, and Pre-built Industry Solutions and Accelerators. These robust Enterprise Business Intelligence Solutions will simplify your data views, and provide you powerful tools to make impactful business decisions.