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Rapid Application Development

LTI’s Rapid Application Development (RAD) offering, FastLane, enables enterprises to quickly roll out mobile and web applications, aligning with business drivers, in a cost-effective manner. Our cross-functional teams of designers, developers & business experts, constantly challenge themselves to achieve breakthrough results in the shortest possible times.

Key Levers

  • Transform the experience to a sleeker and engaging drive
  • Re-haul the current mobility engine in a factory
  • Objective and Existing Landscape
  • Accelerated app development
  • Shorten the pit-stop as apps complete laps

Transforming the Experience to a Sleeker and Engaging Drive

We leverage our deep expertise in user experience design to realize seamless, multi-channel experiences, which are innovative and resonate with our clients’ needs. To make the mobile product beautiful and engaging, we take a Design Thinking-led approach, uncovering significant opportunities to transform the entire user journey.

Re-Haul the Current Mobility Engine in an App Factory

Since the emergence of smartphones and wearable devices, mobility has evolved to become an integral part of business processes, providing opportunities for new revenue streams, enhanced customer experience and greater employee engagement. However, the ever-changing technology landscape and user expectations demand that enterprises manage apps on multiple mobile devices & platforms, while integrating them with backend systems in a secure manner.

LTI’s FastLane serves as a flexible & cost-effective solution, addressing these challenges. FastLane has a skilled cross-functional team, working in a perfectly choreographed manner, to roll out apps in as little time as possible. FastLane eliminates fragmented and siloed mobility initiatives, as it is a one-stop shop for all mobility initiatives across the enterprise. It is a flexible solution, and can be scaled up or down any time as per your demands.


  • Fast-Track Development – Instant rollout of secure enterprise-grade apps on all mobile interfaces, using RMAD tools, reusable assets and DevOps.
  • Low Initial Investments – No license costs for prototypes using RMAD tools, resulting in reduced overall project investments.
  • Track Adoption – Use of integrated in-app analytics to optimize the offerings for user adoption.
  • Ideation to Realization in No Time- Quick validation of ideas from business, and rapid prototyping results, with reduced rework and speedy delivery.

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