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Development on Wearables, AR/VR/MR

LTI closely observes and works on the lines of the newest technology trends across industries, covering gamification, immersive technologies, and apps enriched with AR/VR, wearables, beacon technologies, IoT, etc. We work with wearables such as Vuzix, smart watches, HoloLens, fitness devices, etc.

As a front runner in the field of AR / VR, we help clients develop innovative solutions. Some of our solutions include guided inspections & maintenance using HoloLens, underground asset locator, guided tour & training for intelligent assistance using Vuzix glasses with interaction-using gestures, and inspection & servicing of work orders using HoloLens. Various solutions are built on wearables, like the GlassIC app for claims adjustment. With innovation at the core, our solutions improve customer experience, along with offering a host of other benefits.


  • Our dedicated COE team enables business solutions, by applying the latest advances in technologies, thus ensuring that our clients have a winning edge and are ahead in the digital curve.
  • We help clients have a seamless experience across all channels, thus increasing brand loyalty.
  • Easy-to-deploy apps with heterogeneous backends.
  • Our in-house tools & accelerators, and reusable components, help fasten the development process, ensuring a quick turnaround.
  • Out-of-shelf and customizable apps help clients with significant cost savings.
  • Our expertise with wearables / AR / VR helps clients find new revenue channels.

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