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Segregated Funds Module

In today’s market, efficient management of your clients’ segregated funds policies and contracts is essential in determining both the fund’s and your clients’ success. Unitrax®’s Segregated Funds module includes all of the functionality necessary for your Unitrax® environment to process and manage segregated funds, which ensures you provide successful results.

The Segregated Funds module is built to enable segregated funds to be offered in conjunction with other investment products, including GICs, GIAs, etc; within the same operational environment and client account; and the Segregated Funds module is fully integratable with the SPIA (Single Premium Immediate Annuity) module to ensure it supports transition to an annuity product on segregated fund contract maturity.

Unitrax®​’s Segregated Funds module also includes several key features, including the ability to:

  • Process benefits on maturity and death
  • ​Process notional distributions and top-up transactions
  • Track, maintain, and report Guaranteed Base Values (GBV) and Guaranteed Death Values (GDV)
  • Process annual and automated GBV and GDV resets
  • Support primary, successor and joint annuitants
  • Add policy maturity instructions at the contract level
  • Control access by users and update sensitive information, such as contract or annuitant details
  • Maintain contract maturity dates based on account type and annuitant age
  • Support multiple contracts within the same policy​​

The Segregated Funds module also includes support for Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Plan (GMWB) and Guaranteed Life Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB) functionality. This functionality enables you to offer investors a predictable income stream throughout their retirement. This functionality is built on the same table-driven structure that Unitrax is known for, so it can easily be customized to meet your business’ specific operational requirements. At the table level, you can control a variety of functions important to GMWB, including maturity term, number of resets, guaranteed percentage amount by age range, varying fee rates based on series of funds, and advanced flexibility to calculate and charge fees at different intervals.

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