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Rate of Return Module

​Unitrax​®’s Rate of Return module includes all of the functionality necessary for your Unitrax® environment to provide accurate rate reporting, which ensures you provide your clients with precise rates of return that have an industry unrivaled level of accuracy. Our Rate of Return module functionality uses the Modified Dietz calculation method, which was adopted as the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) standard due to its proven ability to provide investors with an exceptionally accurate personal rate of return. Using this standard calculation when determining the rate of return virtually guarantees that the inquiring investor’s cash flow is time-weighted, which provides a true and accurate rate of return.

Unitrax®’s Rate of Return module includes several key features, including the ability to:​​

  • Set a parameter at the system level to ensure that all new accounts automatically activate a Rate of Return calculation when the account is created; performance numbers are updated systemically at month’s end, in the first month of transaction activity
  • Control both the performance calculation intervals and modify reporting periods
  • Report performance numbers on an entire account, for individual funds, or on investor statements
  • Restrict reinvested distributions to be included in rate of return calculations