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GIC and DII Module

Unitrax®’s GIC and DII module provides all of the functionality necessary for your Unitrax® environment to process Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC) and Daily Interest Investments (DII), which allows you to provide a more comprehensive investment strategy to investors. Built with the low risk investor in-mind, the GIC and DII module gives your business increased flexibility by allowing you to offer special and promotional rates to key investor clients based on several different scenarios and factors dependent on each investor’s unique needs.

The GIC and DII module is completely customizable, and it allows you to consistently offer your investors a choice of maturity processing options and products with special rates. It also increases flexibility by allowing you to offer investors more options, including the ability to reinvest from one GIC to another or move capital and interest into DIIs for redemption.

Unitrax®​’s GIC and DII module includes several key features, including the ability to:

  • Process GIC and DII transactions in real-time
  • Support tax reporting and statement/confirms
  • Set up interest rate types customized to meet market conditions or investor needs
  • Select from multiple interest frequencies
  • Permit early redemptions or apply penalties to them at your discretion
  • Automatically process GIC and DII investment distributions
  • Automatically process GIC maturities
  • Using the Unitrax® GIC and DII module, you will be able to offer your investors:
  • GIC investments with promotional interest rates
  • Estimated return details on their GICs
  • Flexible maturity processing options
  • Flexible terms within a single GIC investment
  • The ability to produce reports that show the details of GIC related distributions, rate changes, and newly created GICs