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Asset Allocation Module

In today’s market, customers demand all of the benefits that come with having a diversified portfolio. Unitrax®​’s Asset Allocation module includes all of the functionality necessary for you to meet those demands effectively and efficiently. Built exclusively with investors in mind, the Asset Allocation module is designed to save time, reduce errors, and boost productivity by enabling you to set up mirror funds that hold numerous underlying funds with pre-determined weightings.

The pre-determined weighting selections of underlying funds are completely user-defined, and they can be changed at any time, which gives them massive flexibility. The Asset Allocation module functionality allows you to set up an automatic rebalance schedule or, when market fluctuations cause an asset mix to become unbalanced, allows you to immediately force a rebalance. Any purchase, switch, and redemption transactions are placed according to the pre-set weightings, which allow you to properly maintain the balanced asset mix. Additionally, the Asset Allocation module offers complete compliance with FundSERV.

Unitrax®​’s Asset Allocation module includes several key features, including the ability to:

  • Support systematic plans, including pre-authorized chequing, automatic withdrawal deposits, and dollar cost averaging
  • Support and comply with FundSERV standards

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