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Application Support & Maintenance

LTI helps clients in forward-porting apps as per OS upgrades, change requests & enhancements. We also provide support & maintenance services through a Mobile App Factory model. We help our clients adapt to the ever-changing technology ecosystem, and bring them up-to-speed with the current needs based on market trends. We simplify the complex landscape of multiple applications on diverse technologies, frameworks and devices; enable unified support system that can run the show from day one, and rationalize portfolio for efficient operations.


  • A certified transition methodology, ensuring seamless transition from vendors.
  • Our Mobile App Factory approach ensures cost reduction, by centralizing dispersed operations and consolidating resources.
  • Consolidation of diverse apps under one umbrella, thus enabling clients to efficiently manage their app portfolio.
  • Our continuity offering helps clients eliminate dependency on multiple vendors.
  • Our testing accelerators ensure up to 40% improvement in testing productivity, >15% reduction in maintenance of test scripts, 15-20% test coverage improvement, etc.

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