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Mobile Continuity

Many enterprises face lot of challenges in supporting and maintaining their existing apps due to OS compatibility issues, upgrades, unsustainable apps from boutique shops, multiple vendors, etc. LTI helps clients in porting apps, OS upgrades, change requests & enhancements, and also easily and quickly supports apps that will sustain over longer periods of time. We also provide support and maintenance services through a Mobile App Factory model in shared services at onsite or offshore or a combination of both, to ensure mobility continuity. We help clients adapt to the ever-changing technology ecosystem, and also bring them up-to-speed with the market. We help clients and their customers in taking over apps from multiple vendors and transforming to a standard framework for easy maintenance.

LTI leverages its strong partnership ecosystem and experience with industry leading EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) suites to provide end-to-end EMM services to our clients. Our end-to-end EMM service offerings include:

EMM Consulting
The objective is to identify the EMM platform, based on the existing initiatives and workshops with stakeholders, and create a roadmap for EMM implementation.

EMM Implementation
This includes deployment of EMM suite, integration with existing IT systems, creation of policies and guidelines, device & application provisioning, and EMM administration and support.


  • A certified transition methodology, ensuring seamless transition from vendors.
  • Our Mobile App Factory approach ensures cost reduction by centralizing dispersed operations and by consolidating resources.
  • Consolidation of diverse apps under one umbrella, thus enabling clients to efficiently manage their app portfolio.
  • Our continuity offering helps clients eliminate dependency on multiple vendors.
  • Our testing accelerators ensure up to 40% improvement in testing productivity, >15% reduction in maintainability of test scripts, 15-20% test coverage improvement, etc.