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Visual Cargo

Visual cargo is an integrated & scalable shipment tracking solution to help enterprises monitor, manage and improve shipment deliveries efficiently. By replacing telematics devices installed in trucks with a mobile solution leveraging sensors, Visual Cargo enables enhanced fleet & shipment safety, with enriched customer experience.


  • Dedicated, hybrid and market fleets.
  • Device governance & configuration.
  • Trip tracking & driver behavior.
  • Safety, route deviation, offline storage & utilization.
  • Manual proof of delivery.
  • High payment turnaround time.


  • Dashboard for manufacturer, logistics vendor, driver and customer.
  • Real-time shipment tracking.
  • Automatic notification at each stage of the entire shipment.
  • Mobile App for validating the shipment and sending proof of delivery to the logistic vendor & manufacturer.
  • Reports to verify quality of shipment, routes followed, meeting timelines, etc.
  • Integration with weather forecast system to propose time of delivery.
  • Notification to the customer prior to delivery, once the truck enters a geo-fenced area.
  • App-based safety tracking.
  • E-Proof of delivery.
  • Real-time visibility & advance intimation.
  • Vendor selection & fleet utilization.

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