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Time out of Environment (TOE) is the cumulative time a cold storage item (refrigerated and/or frozen) is out of its native environment or base storage condition throughout the course of its life. Affirmative and concise management of the items is necessary in order to avoid material degeneration, wastage and ensure compliance. LTI’s IoT and RFID based TOE solution ensures real-time information availability of material condition for prevention of production losses, delay in supply and compliance breaches.


  • Material loss on breach of Time Out of Environment.
  • Manual intervention increases TOE.
  • Time of recovery of material is ambiguous.
  • Lower profitability due to wastage of material.
  • Risk of regulatory compliance breach.


  • Automated monitoring to detect & track excursions.
  • Real-time, escalating alerts for corrective actions.
  • Automated inventory lock for material in recovery.
  • Automated TOE calculation.
  • Custom report creation for audit and client.
  • Minimize expiry losses.
  • Fully automated monitoring, extending go-to-market timeline.

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