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OPERA is an LTI Framework to deliver O&M for industries, aimed at improving efficiency & productivity of distributed assets. It provide a central view of evidence, based on real-time performance & security breach information, for improvement of plant operations, having many applications across Solar, Water and other O&M-centric industries.


  • Increasing OPEX due to the lack of predictive maintenance.
  • Tracking asset degradation.
  • Unwarranted shutdown or delayed maintenance.
  • Video Surveillance Analytics, using Drones for virtual perimeter fence, vegetation & soiling prevention.
  • Weather Forecasting – cloud cover, snowfall, precipitation, solar radiation, humidity, etc.


Highly scalable, subscription-based affordable cloud solution, offering features such as:

  • Health monitoring of critical assets.
  • Revenue invoicing, business intelligence-driven KPIs.
  • ABT operation.
  • Plant surveillance and predictive maintenance.

Highly scalable, affordable cloud solution, offering features such as:

  • Higher Operational Efficiency: Improved by 25% .
  • Reduced Unplanned Downtime by 40%
  • Revenue Loss prevention : Reduced by 25%.
  • Easy to operate .

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