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MES & Automation

LTI’s (LTI) Manufacturing Operations Management suite of services focus on Manufacturing IT Solutions & Services for discrete & process manufacturing industries. We provide end-to-end Manufacturing IT automation and MES services, covering all levels, right from shop floor to top floor, supported by our capabilities in Control & Automation, ERP and Digital technologies. We have a specialized team of techno-functional SMEs, Domain Consultants, and Product & Solution Architects, specialized & experienced in various MES products across industries, which include – OSI-PI, AspenTech MES suite, Schneider Electric (Invensys Wonderware), Rockwell Factory Talk, GE Proficy, Siemens (Camstar Manufacturing, Preactor, Simatic IT), PROMIS, Apriso FlexNet, Solumina, Honeywell MES products, etc. With an experienced, powerful and cross-skilled workforce, we provide the winning edge to our clients.

Keeping a keen eye on the pulse of the market, LTI offers IT solutions that are in line with latest market trends and the ever-changing requirements of businesses. We have strong experience in global deployments and end-to-end integration. Our dedicated MOM CoE (Center of Excellence), through extensive market research and a fully equipped MES Lab, keeps the service line abreast of the latest developments in technology and product releases. Our CoE focuses on platform agnostic business solutions & innovations, for a wide variety of industry use-cases, to extend the MOM capabilities towards a Smart Manufacturing journey.

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    Our Offerings

    Global Operational & Support Services / Helpdesk Services

    Global Operational & Support Services / Helpdesk Services

    • 24X7 Operations Support
    • Repository Management
    • Modernization of Legacy MES
    • Custom MES Implementation
    Manufacturing Operations Management

    Manufacturing Operations Management

    • Implementation / Migration / Upgrades
    • Control Systems (Implementation & Integration)
    • Preventive Maintenance Management
    • Manufacturing Intelligence
    • LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)
    • ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook)
    • CDMS (Clinical Data Management System)
    Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    • Process Re-Engineering & Optimization
    • Manufacturing IT Landscape / Portfolio Analysis
    • Strategy & Roadmap Development
    • Solution Architecting
    • Product Evaluation & Selection
    • Process & Production Automation
    • Regulatory Compliance Management
    • Outsourcing Maturity Analysis
    Application  Management Services

    Application Management Services

    • Application Development & Maintenance
    • Master Data Management Solutions
    • Shop Floor Operation / Execution UI
    • Shop floor to Top floor Integration
    • Application Testing & Evaluation
    • Global Application Rollout
    Analytical Services

    Analytical Services

    • Information Data Warehouse
    • Data Mining & Analytics
    • Business Intelligence
    • Mobility-based Shop floor KPIs
    Integration Services

    Integration Services

    • Shop floor Equipment Integration
    • MES / LIMS / ERP Integration
    • Remote Diagnostics & Monitoring
    • Third-party Application Integration

    Manufacturing Execution System

    Our MES Solutions

    We understand the challenges faced by the manufacturing industry today, with increasing regulations, environmental, safety and financial constraints. To optimize key operations such as production, quality, logistics and maintenance, manufacturers are adopting various initiatives such as:

    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): Integration of MES & PLM can enhance production agility, speed and accuracy, and assure visibility between production & engineering areas.
    Scheduling: Production plant assigning orders to production lines / processes and optimizing the plan. This improves on-time delivery & visibility of delivery dates.
    Order Execution & Dispatch: Eliminate time, labor and errors associated with paper-based distribution, production bottlenecks and improve reaction time to disruptions.
    Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE): OEE takes three factors into consideration: Availability, Performance and Quality. It provides an indication about the current efficiency & utilization of a machine, a production run, or even the entire facility, and it is most effective when combined with downtime tracking.
    Materials Track & Trace: This records all of the materials that enter or leave a plant, and monitors the status of materials while being consumed. This information can lead to improved lean practices and optimization, provide integration with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or reveal unsafe practices.
    Some of our key solutions in this space are:


    Digital Kanban

    Digital Kanban

    Our Digital Kanban solution is based on the ‘push & pull’ (demand & supply) mechanism. Pre-defined transport routes, which define the movement of materials from one location to the other, are logically created on the shop floor. Wireless RFID tags identify the location of resources in the factory, and location changes are communicated accordingly.

    Automated Material Handling System

    Automated Material Handling System

    Our AMHS solution has been designed to be compatible with any Material Control System (MCS). Our ‘Just in Time’ algorithm identifies the transport destination for carriers coming out of the equipment. Effective equipment utilization is guaranteed through the Kanban principle and a real-time queue for tracking equipment in the factory.

    Manufacturing Dashboard

    Manufacturing Dashboard

    Solution for Smart Factory Applications, providing real-time facility models, enabling location-based intelligence and automated real-time tool control.

    RFID-based Container Tracking Solution

    RFID-based Container Tracking Solution

    There are millions of containers being transported every second in the supply chain. Manufacturers lack visibility as to where these containers are at a given time, or whether they have been misplaced. RFID-based Container Management System solution enables real-time tracking of containers and helps identify and isolate problems across the entire supply chain.

    Control Systems & Automation

    Organizations are looking for operational excellence, increased productivity, optimal asset utilization, reduction in downtime and safety-related incidents. LTI’s automation capability leverages extensive experience in diversified Automation Products (SCADA, PLCs, Safety Systems, Industry Applications). With data integration as the system’s core, our solutions combine automated control and business management functions, to help reduce cost of execution and improve productivity, efficiency & safety.

    Our key offerings include:

    • Vendor Independent Automation Services and Product Evaluation
    • End-to-End Implementation of PLC, SCADA, DCS Systems
    • Control and Automation of machines, equipment
    • Solution Development & Services on Historian-based Platform
    • Process Control & Optimization – Process Modeling, Soft sensors and Advanced Control
    • Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics
    • Managed Services for Automation-based Platforms
    • Large Program Management

    Today, with the evolution of Manufacturing technologies as part of INDUSTRIE 4.0, Control systems are maturing to form key functionalities of IoT applications. Leveraging our vast experience in Automation, we are constantly working with our clients for innovative solutions, preparing a baseline for implementing IoT Services for manufacturing transformation.

    Some of our L2 automation solutions are:

    • Control Center for Integrated Operation Center
    • Safety Systems for Fire & Gas Applications
    • Advance Leak Detection System & Corrosion Detection System
    • Production Information Management System
    • Computerized Maintenance Management System