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Smart Connected Products

Technology disruption along with growing customer expectations are transforming products at a rapid pace. Smart connected products raise a new set of strategic choices related to how value is created and captured, how the prodigious amount of sensitive data generated is utilized and managed, how relationships with traditional business partners are redefined, and what role companies play as industry boundaries are expanded.

Embedded sensors, processors, software, connectivity in products through cloud data storage and analytics are driving dramatic improvements in product functionality, design, manufacturing, performance, marketing and after-sale service.

Smart connected products allow an enterprise to move beyond real-time control to predictive control and ultimately lead to autonomous operation that align with customer needs and preferences.

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    Smart Connected Products can help in


    • Real time condition monitoring with data trends and time to failure predictions
    • Technology Agnostic Microservices Architecture that enables integration with multiple platforms, historians, and enterprise systems
    • One Solution that could be deployed on both On-Premise and On-Cloud
    • Dashboard and fleet view of assets


    First Time Right & Reliability

    First Time Right & Reliability

    • Increase in mean time between failure
    • Reduction in unscheduled maintenance
    • Reduced Service Delivery Time & Cost, Lower Repair visits
    • Reduced need for standby equipment/additional floor space to cover downtime
    Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction

    • Real time informed decisions on Plant Operations for the customer
    • Reduces production downtime
    • Improved utilization and availability of asset
    • Integrated visibility of Financial data using value tree analysis benefits in informed decision making
    Cost Saving

    Cost Saving

    • Reduced spare part inventory
    • Minimize maintenance cost
    • Reduction in field crew inspection miles
    • Integrate with Existing Systems for a Holistic view into Operations reducing Manual processes
    • Asset optimization based on benchmarking & Plant wise utilization