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Predictive Maintenance

Much of the industrial equipment creates noise, which is a vital information if tapped, and can be used to understand the health of the equipment (even in good condition, equipment creates noise). Vibration sensors are used, instead of noise sensors, as the ambient noise can corrupt the noise from the equipment.

LTI’s Predictive Maintenance solution enables real-time & detailed health analysis for noisy equipment, as well as failure root-cause analysis, to avoid breakdown and unscheduled outages, with actionable insights for predictive maintenance.


  • Manual inspection of equipment parameters by the employee.
  • Call the equipment call center in case of equipment failure.
  • No visibility of actual health of the equipment.
  • Equipment failure, hitting critical operational efficiency.


  • Detect equipment noise through vibration sensor.
  • Feed the sensor data to Microsoft Azure ML.
  • Define ML algorithms based on Classification.
  • Based on the vibration data from equipment, predict the possible problem.
  • Predict the failure of the equipment based on the current problem.
  • Raise automatic ticket for maintenance.
  • Higher uptime of the equipment.
  • Automated service dispatch.
  • Increased asset availability.

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