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Asset Insight

Asset Insight helps address the pain areas of Heavy Equipment Management companies, with real-time monitoring of assets at different locations, and analysis of numerous equipment health parameters. This helps companies reduce their fuel expenses and optimize utilization.


  • Traditional approach, leading to high operation expense and low utilization ratio.
  • Decentralized location of assets, leading to lack of the real time-tracking of equipment.
  • Higher burn rate.
  • Lower utilization of assets due to the excessive idling of equipment.
  • Irregular service and maintenance.
  • Operator driving behavior analysis.


  • Real-time monitoring, tracking and preventive maintenance of assets, leveraging rules engine, machine learning and alert workflows.
  • Increased utilization of high value assets through the recommendation engine.
  • Proactive detection of fraud in consumption items such as fuel, spare parts, lubricants, and burn rate analysis.
  • Proactive service orders and integration with asset ERP.
  • Optimized asset utilization.
  • Pilferage prevention
  • Reduced cost of maintenance.

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