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Digital Twins

Digital twins are becoming more relevant than ever, as industries increasingly adopt digital, by connecting a varied number of assets to the virtual world. With the availability of diverse types of sensors and ubiquitous connectivity, coupled with cognitive analytics and intelligent platforms, IoT is playing a transformational role in the digitization journey. A digital twin makes use of all of these to build a real-time virtual replica of the asset.


Digital twins allow enterprises to visualize, predict & optimize asset operations. They are the true culmination of physical-digital convergence, and help realize faster ROI. A digital twin can be created for a critical component of an asset, or a group of such virtual replicas can be created to form a digital twin for the complete asset.

A digital twin offers tremendous opportunity to design better & faster, enhance existing features, and improve after-sales service. It is set to see fast adoption, thereby helping make real-time data-driven decisions, and create new revenue models.


  • Maintenance cost reduction & predictability – A digital twin provides alarms and notifications on irregularities in operations, thus helping in preventive and immediate action, and reducing maintenance & warranty costs.
  • Increase uptime & reliability of assets- Availability of real-time data visualization of operational parameters helps reduce risk and improve performance.
  • Design improvements & faster prototyping – Reduces cycle time by removing or reducing uncertainty, by virtualising performance at various design configurations.
  • Continuous data-driven optimization- Real-time monitoring and analytics with machine learning helps streamline operations & processes, which in turn improve customer experience.

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