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Enterprises today look for unique ways to improve their processes and operational efficiencies due to the constant pressure of increasing their Y-o-Y profits, and becoming truly digital. Automation has become a powerful lever to deliver veritable outcomes on lowering organizations’ total cost of operations, paving way for process accuracy, enhancing productivity, and breaking open new business outcomes.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – one of the essential pillars of automation – is helping organizations achieve advanced levels of efficiency and digitalization, which were previously beyond reach.

LTI’s “Intelligent RPA” is a unique amalgamation of our in-depth understanding of complex processes across industries, coupled with our homegrown accelerators and technology enablers such as Advanced OCR, Workflow Orchestration, Cognitive Automation and Bot Analytics. Our solutions not only help eliminate repetitive, replicable, and routine-based tasks, but also handle tasks with decision-making capabilities effortlessly. These allow organizations to realign their human capital for strategic initiatives. Powered by Intelligent RPA, we equip organizations to bridge the gap between legacy systems and new-age applications at much lesser cost and in minimal time, empowering them to deliver exponential value to their customers.

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LTI’s Connected RPA Experience

Organizations are continuously exploring digital levers for accelerated growth and enhanced customer experience. At LTI, our sole focus is to digitize the core of our customer’s business by offering a truly integrated solution, that impacts their entire value chain

Robotics Process Automation

Automating repetitive rule-based human tasks, leveraging RPA & RDA

Advanced OCR

Data extraction from structured, semi-structured & unstructured documents, leveraging Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML)

Workflow Orchestration

Automating business critical workflows across the existing applications

Cognitive Automation & Bot Analytics

Automating cognitive human tasks, leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Vision and Voice technologies. Operations Dashboards that continuously measure and report the benefits delivered by automation

Our Offerings



Consulting-led approach to define a clear roadmap in terms of how, what and where to start your automation journey

Candidate Identification

High level analysis of the right candidates for automation

Tool Selection

Tool evaluation exercise to identify the right products for the program

CoE Setup

Setting-up a council to define the best practices & guidelines of the program

End-to-End Delivery

Agile and fit-for-purpose delivery model to quickly scale from a pilot into an enterprise-wide RPA     program

Process Deep Dive

Detailed process task capture and analysis


Small scale deployments to validate success criteria at the onset


Design, develop and deploy the virtual workforce

Managed RPA

Digital Workforce Governance Model to ensure seamless Bot execution and support, focused on cost and performance optimization

Problem Management

Manage complete problem lifecycle from identification to resolution

Config. Mgmt & CRs

Code fixes and configuration changes

Platform Support

Availability & Service Request Management (Upgrades, Fixes etc.)

RPA Opportunities

Key Industry Verticals/ Processes Addressed

Life Sciences

Procurement Planning

Account Management

Inventory & Order Management

Warehouse Management

Customer Related



Cognitive Claims

Product Advisor

Lien Holder Endorsements


Financial Crime EDD

Trade Finance

Vehicle Loan Financing

Oil & Gas

Contract Meter Assignment and Exchange | Environmental Health and Safety Reporting | Royalties | Guided Maintenance

CPG & Hi-Tech

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Corporate Finance


Key Horizontal Functions/ Processes Addressed



  • Order to Cash
  • Reconciliations
  • FP & A


  • Recruitment
  • Benefits & Payroll
  • Compensation


  • NextGen Service Desk
  • Email Assistant

Our Partners


Customer Success Stories


Banking and Financial Services

Leading Global Bank attains 40% efficiency in their KYC process by leveraging RPA and OCR



CPG Major achives 100% accuracy in their purchase order creation process through RPA.

Application Services



Energy Giant improves volume handling capacity for their Treasury and Capital Accrual processes by 20%, using Bots.



Global Insurance Broker attains improved turnaround time by 40% for their payment claim-related expenses, through automation and digitization.