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Virtual Loan Assistant

Retail loan is estimated to account for more than one-fifth of all bank credit in the times to come. Our Virtual Loan Assistant automates the entire personal loan business function, thus, accelerating customer conversions and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Business drivers

  • Expediting the document collection process and preliminary processing steps
  • Minimizing human intervention and eliminating too many human touchpoints
  • Reducing the turnaround time for loan disbursal
  • Bringing in better audit control & transparency

Solution highlights

  • Online interactions and document submissions enabled
  • Serves retail customers on various loans like personal, housing, etc.
  • Supports intake of multiple documents, basis specific loan request
  • Integrates with case management tools, document management tools, core banking systems, Credit Bureau etc.

What value does it bring

  • Increased customer conversions
  • Minimized human-in-loop
  • Customer experience transformation
  • Reduced turnaround time for loan disbursal

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