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Unified Bot Governance Dashboard

LTI’s Unified Bot Governance dashboard is equipped with real-time views of KPIs critical to Leadership, Business and IT to enable informed decisions and optimize operational costs.

The unified dashboard has:

  1. Leadership View – which shows all important Cost related Insights pertaining to the automation program in one single place for C-level executives to make fast and data-driven decisions based on the latest information
  2. Business View – which shows all important transaction level Insights pertaining to the automated business processes such as TAT, transaction volume, critical monthly SLA adherence & Bot utilization etc., thereby empowering management to make informed decisions such as capacity & license utilization.
  3. Operations view – which shows all-important KPIs & insights pertaining to bot performance related to runs, schedules, exceptions & disruptions in one single place for operations team to continuously monitor and optimize operations.

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