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Intelligent Policy Review & Comparison

In commercial insurance, policy review or comparison is a key aspect of underwriting process for policy issuance / renewal. Keeping hyper-automation at the core, LTI’s Automated Policy Review & Comparison Solution leverages LTI’s own Cognitive Data Extraction Platform, Mosaic Agnitio, coupled with RPA, to extract data from highly complex unstructured / semi-structured documents and helps in comparing, highlighting differences and discrepancies to enable you to effectively perform quick reviews and expedite the tedious and time-consuming review & comparison process.

Solution highlights

  • Manage multiple carrier and highly complex unstructured / semi-structured documents
  • Built-in data review and approval mechanisms
  • Rule-driven processing and ease of integration with core policy admin / agency management systems
  • Flexible & configurable workflows

What value does it bring

  • Increased accuracy
  • Reduced errors & omissions
  • Accelerated response times
  • Enhanced operational efficiency

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