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Digital Inventory Assistant

The significance of Inventory Management impacts every aspect of a retail organization. Our Digital Inventory Assistant is a mobile-based chatbot or a virtual assistant that effortlessly handles all inventory related queries, gives near real-time Inventory check for availability, helps with ordering as well as tracking leading to increased store conversions and online sales.

Business drivers

  • Understanding specific customer interests and needs
  • Minimizing human assistance
  • Driving conversational commerce to ease the work of their human counterparts
  • In-store virtual assistance for better shopping experience
  • Improving supply chain management & logistics

Solution highlights

  • Mobile messenger based conversational interface
  • Supports multiple personas viz. in-store sales assistants & end customers
  • Leverages different intelligent automation levers like RPA, NLP, OCR
  • Multi-channel updates (WhatsApp / Email / SMS) based on user preferences

What value does it bring

  • Increased store conversions
  • Accelerated online sales
  • Minimized human intervention
  • Personalized customer experience leading to increased brand loyalty

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