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CSR Quality Check Solution

Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) are a vital part of the process of submitting applications for new medical treatments to regulators in the pharma industry. CSRs go through rigorous, time consuming quality checks and reviews to ensure clinical data accuracy and integrity of clinical trials. Our CSR QC Bot automates the quality check process, thereby empowering the pharma companies to ensure timely submissions and minimize their penalties and losses.

Business drivers

  • Stringent report submission timelines – around 65% fail to meet submission timelines
  • Heavy penalties attached to the process – up to USD 10,000 per day
  • Huge loss to pharma companies for delayed submissions – avg. USD 6 million per day
  • Humungous cost of quality checks – up to USD 6000 per report
  • Manual, tedious and time-consuming process – avg. 120 hours per report

Solution highlights

  • Automation of quality check process covering 7 key dimensions
  • Processing of complex, large, detailed reports running up to 1000+ pages
  • Learning-based data extraction and rule-based processing
  • Instant report generation with highlighted anomalies

What value does it bring

  • Up to 70% reduction in average quality check time
  • Significant cost savings and increased throughput in operations
  • 100% SLA adherence leading to no penalties
  • Achieving the much-needed first mover’s advantage
  • Minimal loss to pharma companies

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