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Automated Submissions Intake

Our Automated Submission Intake (ASI) solution enables commercial insurance carriers to streamline the ingestion of submission documents for recording the data in submission and underwriting systems. It also helps to identify risks and increase productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Solution highlights

  • Extract data automatically from submissions forms, irrespective of data formats, document types or channels of submission
  • Assemble the extracted data in industry standard systems & format (like ACORD, XML) to be consumed by carrier systems
  • Ensure the validity of extracted information and completeness by involving the human-in-the-loop
  • Use Analytical models to determine the risk appetite and a preliminary risk score.

What value does it bring

  • Automated submission intake with minimized human intervention
  • Reduction of handling time generating UW capacity
  • Increased agility and speed-to-market
  • Reduced operational expenditure

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