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Accelerated Process Discovery Framework

Our Accelerated Process Discovery & Feasibility Assessment can help you prioritize processes that are causing the maximum impact on your value chain for automation. Using our Multi Lens approach, we’ll help you automate processes that are critical to your business, have a stronger case of realizing RoI and will drastically reduce the turnaround time (TAT). We’ll also help you choose the right set of automation levers that’ll down the line help you reduce your TCO while enhancing your productivity and overall efficiency.

LTI’s Accelerated Process Discovery Framework enables you to identify the right candidates for automation. Our Multi Lens Approach helps organizations prioritize their processes that:

  1. Are critical in the business value chain
  2. Are repeatable & extensible
  3. Have high TCO & impact on the value chain
  4. Would drastically reduce the turnaround time (TAT) for the client

Our three-step approach for automation:

  • Identify (operational cost lens, digitization index)
  • Prioritize (RoI analysis, Micro lens)
  • Implement (exploring digital levers of intelligent automation)

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