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Industry 4.0 promises the transformation of manufacturing operations especially for asset-intensive industries, utilizing high-speed communications of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and edge analytics to enable organizations to achieve significant efficiencies, fulfil emission-reduction pledges and improve safety standards. The journey to Industry 4.0 can be long, complex and expensive, that prevents businesses from undertaking it, despite the huge potential returns. ’Connected X as a Service’ offers a solution – it provides organizations with a one-stop shop, thus making the process simpler, faster and cost-effective.

For an efficient, safe and remote operations of any shop floor or plant, there are 3 key dimensions of digital interventions:

  • Intelligent Asset Optimization to bring asset efficiency improvement through interventions in this space including asset utilization tracking, predictive maintenance, and asset location tracking for usage optimization
  • Operational Intelligence for real time visibility of performance with high bandwidth connectivity enabling IT-OT convergence with available of right data on the enterprise for reporting and control
  • Workforce Productivity enabled with augmented reality-based solution for efficiency improvement, remote assistance for faster resolution of field issues towards an enhanced user experience and service efficiency gains

LTI’s ’Connected X as a Service’ enables a swift and seamless adoption of Industry 4.0 to realize business benefits during operations. The solution comprises of four key components

  • Connectivity: Reliable, high speed and cost-efficient connectivity that enables implementation of Industry 4.0 use cases that includes 4G/5G and provides LTE network
  • Sensors and Gateways: A set of proven and industry graded sensors, gateway and devices that can be used for realization of various business uses cases and outcomes
  • Edge Infrastructure: Requisite infrastructure for analytics on edge for access to better insights and enable faster business decisions
  • Business Applications Catalogue: A set of mobile and desktop applications that helps drive productivity and efficiency gains. Applications part of these app catalogue is ready to use, with minimal customization based on end-customer landscape and configuration

Typical efficiency gains realized with ’Connected X as a service offering’ are:

Productivity & Utilization of assets

Material Cost Optimization

Fuel Efficiency

Operator Productivity

Workforce Safety

Business Use Cases

Success Stories

Digitizing Rig and Platform Operations

Digitizing Rig and Platform Operations

LTI’s “Connected X as a Service” framework helps bring gains to rig and platform operations with Industry 4.0 digital transformations

Digital Transformation of Mineral Port Operations

Digital Transformation of Mineral Port Operations

Remote mobile asset monitoring and operational efficiency improvement

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