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User Experience Design

Terms such as “responsive design”, “mobile-friendly” & “intuitive experience”, have become redundant with the evolving use of user experience, in the design and delivery of applications. At LTI, we place the end-user at the core of every requirement, helping us design the most intuitive and user-friendly applications. We conduct Design Thinking workshops with clients, to create personas and profiles of end-users, thus enabling us to design solutions that are persona-centric. Empathy is key to our UX design process, and helps us understand the stakeholders’ point and perspective.

Our User-Centered Design process helps us create truly personalized solutions for our clients. LTI’s UX team has specialist roles like usability analyst, user researcher, information architect, visual designer, branding specialist and front-end engineer, helping clients in their entire software development lifecycle (SDLC).

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    Front-End Development

    Front-End Development

    Deliver compelling user experience across multiple channels, seamlessly.

    Service Design

    Service Design

    Ensure comprehensive, conceptual, interactive and end-to-end design activities across business processes.


    • Increased user productivity due improvement in usability aspects
    • Reduced resource burden
    • Improved credibility and branding
    • Increased exposure and reduced churn