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Documentum Connector for WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

LTI’s Documentum Connector provides advanced integration of content management with Documentum. This connector significantly enhances the collaboration by extending Documentum operations with the WSO2.

WSO2 Documentum connector provides a single interface for multiple operations such as users queries or managing folders, updating access control list, creating or removing cabinets on the fly, etc. Documentum connector provides integration capabilities on-premise and in the cloud.

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    Documentum Overview

    Content, in a broad sense, is information stored as computer data files. It can include word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, video and audio files. Most content is stored locally on personal computers, organized arbitrarily, and only available to a single user. This means that valuable data is subject to loss, and projects are subject to delay when people cannot get the information they need.

    The best way to protect these important assets is to move them to a centralized content management system. Documentum is one of the software that does all with the help of API calls. The Documentum Connector allows you to do the following operations.

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