Development & Integration

LTI’s Digital Experience team has in-depth expertise in all aspects of mobile application development across leading platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows. We have successfully mobile-enabled multiple enterprise systems, including SharePoint, PeopleSoft, JDE, SAP, EAM, and other proprietary Enterprise Systems.

We have expertise in developing apps across native, hybrid, web, MADP-based and cross platforms. This team also focuses on EMM implementation, integration and administration. We have rich experience in developing apps using multiple frameworks and latest platforms.

LTI has an extensive experience in complete bottom-up handset development for leading OEMs, and has customizable mobility solutions for enterprise customers, with a repository of 250+ applications on inspection, field service, workflows & collaboration, dashboards, Health & Safety (HSE), sales & marketing, customer engagement, etc.

LTI’s methods of service delivery include various models such as waterfall, agile, hybrid and DevOps, helping clients in every cycle of their application development.

Mobility Testing
Driven by the principles of “Business First”, LTI provides the eMTS (Enterprise Mobility Testing Services) solution for a thorough Quality Assurance phase. We leverage a combination of two approaches to provide a comprehensive mobility testing solution to our clients. Firstly, we leverage our Device Bank for conducting testing on standalone devices, and secondly, leverage remote solutions like Perfecto, Device Anywhere, etc. as emulators for other devices and testing across geographies.

Development on Wearables, AR
Wearables are rapidly bringing about a revolution to the customer experience, while creating new business models and processes, thereby connecting the digital and physical world. New-age technologies are transforming the workplace – with a hands-free environment while on the job, augmenting all the information on the job, collaboration with SMEs, operation through voice commands, etc. – thus improving efficiency and enhancing user experience. They are also changing the lifestyle of an individual by improving health & fitness, increasing worker safety, and enhancing entertainment & leisure.

LTI closely observes and works on the lines of these new trends across industries, covering gamification, immersive technologies, apps enriched with AI/AR, wearables, beacon technologies, IoT, etc.

We do a lot work around wearables such as Vuzix, Smart watch, HoloLens, Fit Wearables, etc. Various solutions are built on wearables like the GlassIC app for claims adjusters, which helps them do their jobs safely and efficiently, and improves customer experience; the Field Service Management app on Smart Glass allows field engineers to carry out field inspections, and integrates with iWatch (iOS) and Samsung Gear.

LTI has expertise in developing apps that leverage sensor data/alerts for real-time control and monitoring of POTs from remote locations, and integrate with the existing bespoke developed control panel.

LTI is a fast runner in the field of AR/VR. We help clients develop innovative solutions, thus providing seamless experience to their users. Some of our solutions include AR/VR/AI-based guided inspections & maintenance, using HoloLens; Underground Asset Locator, Guided Tour & Training for Intelligent Assistance using Vuzix glasses with interaction using gestures, and Inspection and Servicing Work Orders, using HoloLens, etc.


  • Our dedicated COE team generates business solutions by applying latest advances in technologies, thus ensuring that our clients have a winning edge and are ahead in the digital curve.
  • A seamless experience for clients across all channels, thus increasing the brand loyalty.
  • Easy-to-deploy apps with heterogeneous backends.
  • Our in-house tools & accelerators, and reusable components, help fasten the development process and ensure quick turnaround.
  • Out-of-shelf and customizable apps help clients with significant cost savings.
  • Our expertise on wearables/AR helps clients widen their revenue channels.