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Data modernization is a core imperative for a digital-fit organization. A potent and differentiated Cloud Data Platform is at the heart of such modernization. Snowflake, with its paradigm changing architecture and technology, delivers a modern Cloud Data Platform. We at LTI, have been partnering and helping customers to build data products on Snowflake, accelerating their journey in becoming a digital-fit organization.

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    Snowflake with LTI – Why Are We Different

    We bring the entire playbook for accelerating and de-risking your journey to cloud. We not only ensure that the transformation to Snowflake is on time and within budget, but it also ensures value. There are three components to the playbook.

    Design Playbook, which builds the business case and migration strategy for snowflake transformation.

    Implementation Playbook, which leverages snowflake-specific migration methodology and automation framework (PolarSled) to accelerate migration.

    Govern Playbook, which continuously optimizer and ensures the promised business case is achieved.

    Value Proposition

    Proven Playbook, to de-risk, smoothen and accelerate your data transformation journey to Snowflake

    Canvas PolarSled

    Canvas PolarSled, is a one of its kind cloud migration & modernization framework to help enterprises transform their Data Landscape to Snowflake. The framework helps in delivering predictability of cost & timeline. It provides a complete playbook encompassing key axis around migration strategy, automated migration and post migration governance to enable the Snowflake adoption.


    Snowflake Engineering Migration Methodology (SEMM) is our engineering framework to help navigate through the migration journey from legacy data platforms to Snowflake led data platform. The engineering framework takes care of meticulous details to help plan and deliver end-to-end migration on time, and without disrupting critical business data reports.

    Mosaic Platform

    LTI Mosaic platform, which is our ‘Data to Decisions’ platform can be natively connected with Snowflake, the converged data platform that helps in powering enterprise decisions & actions, using data engineering, advance analytics, knowledge led automation for its users. It provides an extended data ecosystem to help compliment Data Strategy on Snowflake.

    Top Talent

    LTI, being an early adopter of Snowflake, has focussed heavily on grooming the practioners on Snowflake and develop a deep data engineering talent & continuous learning culture, with more than 70% of the snowflake practioners being certified by Snowflake.

    Snowflake Labs

    Inhouse learning incubation center to help practioners build and focus on R&D work, along with the delivery of POCs for the end customer by leveraging key learning utilities like AI-led knowledge buddy, Technology tribes to help democratize the best practices and lessons learnt on Snowflake.

    Our Offerings

    Snowflake Strategy & Consulting

    Snowflake Strategy & Consulting

    Build business case, migration strategy, architecture design and project definition for Snowflake transformation.

    Snowflake Migration

    Snowflake Migration

    Simplify and accelerate your journey to Snowflake leveraging automation. LTI Canvas PolarSled product reduces migration costs and de-risks your migration journey to Snowflake.

    Snowflake Data Engineering

    Snowflake Data Engineering

    Build end-to-end data pipelines and applications on Snowflake, informed by Cloud-native Architecture principles.

    Snowflake Ops

    Snowflake Ops

    Govern & optimize the Snowflake-based cloud data platform to keep check on key parameters like Data Quality, Performance, Cost & Security Threats.

    AI on Snowflake

    AI on Snowflake

    Realize the true potential value of data by solving new-age complex business problems using AI/ML on snowflake to deliver new-age business use cases and discover key business insights & hidden patterns.

    Case Studies

    US-based Hi-Tech Major

    Data platform transformation & modernization to drive cost optimization & revenue growth

    US-based Battery energy storage solutions

    Data Platform Transformation after divestiture from the parent company to drive cost reduction & sustainability

    US-based Public utility company

    Next-generation services improving customer experience with real-time utility platform

    Leading American coffee and beverage company

    Modernized Data Landscape platform migration to Snowflake from legacy technology to drive cost optimization

    US-based Multinational Pharma Major

    Developed strategy, roadmap and business cases to move to Snowflake



    Data Warehouse 4.0

    Reimagining Data Warehouse for Cloud & Big Data


    LTI Canvas PolarSled

    Mindful Migration to Cloud in a predictable, cost-effective and agile manner


    Teradata to Snowflake Migration

    Utilities guide for Teradata Migration to Snowflake Leveraging LTI Canvas PolarSled

    SQL Server to Snowflake Migration

    Utilities guide for SQL Server Migration to Snowflake Leveraging LTI Canvas PolarSled