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Data Science & Analytics

Enterprises are dealing with ever-increasing variety, volume and velocity of data from various business processes and value-chain touchpoints. This data contains heaps of valuable insights critical for business success. The fundamental challenge is to analyze and monetize this data so companies can make better and data-driven decisions.

The digital era calls for analytics to be infused in every role, business process, decision and action. Enterprise data is the best asset for staying ahead of the competition. Data science is powering the data-driven decision-making process by analyzing the past, predicting the present and forecasting & shaping the future of business.


LTI’s Data science and Analytics services help organizations leapfrog in their data exploration initiatives to unearth infinite known and unknown possibilities in their businesses. With strong thought leadership, expert pool of techno-functional Data Scientists having diverse statistical and mathematical depth (predictive analytics, machine learning, deep learning) we solve complex business problems. We have a proven track record, and are strategic partners you can count on for Amplifying Outcomes @ Scale!

Our service portfolio includes –

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    Key Differentiators –

    1. Engineering DNA – Our parent, L&T group, instils an engineering mindset which has helped LTI create reusable solutions, algorithms & complex platform Mosaic
    2. Focus on Business Outcomes – Client-centricity is at the core of our services, and we are focused on delivering amplified business outcomes. We have amplified our focus from being a Technology Provider to Solving Business Problems through newer cutting-edge technologies
    3. Co-creation – Engagement in a co-creation model with clients where business problems can be solved rapidly by our platform and technical expertise
    4. Extended Ecosystem – Leveraging ecosystem play of software vendors, start-ups, academia and industry consortiums helps us drive innovation
    5. Machine Learning @ the core of Everything – We are leveraging Machine Learning across LTI, be it SAP Automation, Oracle Automation, Cyber Security, Testing or Infrastructure Monitoring

    Benefits –

    • Actionable forecasts with accuracy of upto 80%
    • Identify patterns and deliver real time insights
    • Recommendation engine for proactive actions
    • Know the unknowns within a fraction of seconds!