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Digital has emerged as the universal disruptor for businesses striving to address new challenges in today’s transforming milieu. And LTI’s business philosophy is centered on enhancing business outcomes through Analytics, AI and Automation.

We do this by automating and reducing work volume (doing less), accelerating implementation with latest technologies and agile ways of working (doing fast), leveraging proprietary and domain-specific solutions & accelerators to deliver persona-based services (doing more), and fast-tracking business process transformation with Fosfor (doing better).

LTI’s Data & Analytics services assist clients with prime concerns around the problem-first or data-first approach, as well as the democratization of data, analytics and use cases. Perhaps the most important problem is finding the right skill-sets, and the perfect skill-set for such implementations calls for the combined knowledge of technology, business context, and statistics. Our proven expertise helps you harness the power of all disruptive next-gen technologies, to unlock multifold amplified outcomes for your business.

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    Our Offerings

    Fosfor Product Suite

    Supercharge your DataOps

    Unleash the value of your unstructured data

    Shape the fabric of your data journeys

    Empower your business to scale AI, not Ops

    Transform curiosity into limitless insight

    Technology Solutions

    Mosaic Decisions

    Mosaic Decisions

    Experience a self-service data platform with the power to connect, capture, integrate, store, analyze and decode structured & unstructured data on enterprise scale.

    Mosaic AI

    Mosaic AI

    Explore a cognitive AI platform with an intuitive experience, and offering the best AI frameworks & templates for users to enjoy a seamless & personalized “Build-to-Run” transition on their AI workflows.

    Mosaic Automation

    Mosaic Automation

    Experience intelligent process automation with high accuracy and efficiency, leveraging the AI-led-Automation platform.