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Voice-based Conversations for New Age Customer Experience

With the increased acceptance of voice-based interactions, LTI believes that employees need to be provided the same experience while interacting with their Enterprise systems. Such a voice interaction is natural, eliminates curving curves associated with enterprise systems, and provide access to information on-the-go.

LTI connected Alexa & Home with CRM systems such as Salesforce, to help CxOs stay close to their KPIs. Sales leaders can use the intuitive speech conversation of Alexa to retrieve and update sales information. The solution provides an Intelligent Salesforce Assistant to get information on project accounts and opportunities. The solution also handles a variety of opportunity queries, including listing of opportunities under a specific salesperson, retrieving the list of opportunities under a specific account, and identifying the expected revenue generation from an opportunity or a salesperson.

Key Highlights:

  • Template-driven design to easily integration with any CRM system.
  • Support for multiple devices – Google Home and Alexa mobile app, in a plug-n- play manner.
  • Benefits:

  • Highly intuitive speech conversation with Alexa.
  • Authentication & role-based feature keeping, with sensitivity of data.
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