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Transforming Enterprises with Workplace Bot Ecosystem

Typically, Enterprise Helpdesks, HR portals and other internal service gateways are cumbersome when it comes to searching for information or raising queries. Employees have to log into multiple systems and struggle with ambiguity regarding the process. They spend considerable time on simple tasks like creating ticket or checking its status. Tickets getting assigned to the wrong support team is another major problem, resulting in a high turnaround time. The Helpdesk team also spends considerable time resolving employee queries. Similarly, newly on-boarded employees face challenges finding information on company policies like HR, security, travel, IT process.

LTI brings a transformed experience, providing an ecosystem of enterprise services around its Workplace collaboration. A ready bot embedded on the Workplace platform provides a single window service, thus eliminating multiple touch-points for the employees. It serves as a simple intuitive interface to all employee services. Employees can resolve their queries, then be it raising a ticket, checking the ticket status, unlocking account, or getting information on policies & applying for leaves.

Key Highlights:

  • LTI brings a ready set of Enterprise services, addressing HR, IT, Admin & Travel related services. These are integrated with Workplace, in the form of Bots connected to the Enterprise systems. I-Assist is a common Bot addressing these functions and enabling self-service for the employees.
  • LTI brings a marketplace of services on the Workplace platform, extending to the partner services, which address employee needs. Banking is one such service, connecting the different banks for their customized services to the employees.
  • LTI evolves the marketplace with newer partners, in the form of restaurants, hotels, and other lifestyle partners on-board the workplace environment via simple intuitive chat interfaces, to deliver experience and engage the employee.


  • Single window service, plugging on to the existing work environment of the employee.
  • Integrated experience and intuitive interface via conversational chats across channels.
  • Self-service model, empowering employees & bringing active engagement.
  • Improved employee productivity and satisfaction.

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