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Trade Finance Automation

Typically, Trade Finance is a manual operation, with an analyst handling voluminous quantity of unstructured documents. Obviously, this leads to operations being highly prone to human error and oversight, thus resulting in poor risk compliance and a high susceptibility to penalties and dispute management. AI, especially Natural Language Processing (NLP), provides a great opportunity to automate such human-intensive tasks, including information extraction, review and validation.

LTI’s Trade Finance Cognitive Automation solution brings in a paradigm shift to the handling of documents in the Trade Finance world. It eases and speeds up document verifications with NLP-based entity extractions and guided validations. This solution helps in cognitive OCR extraction of Trade Finance product-related entities from unstructured documents. It also enables in assisted validation and screening of entities for automated compliance checks. With granular process visibility, real-time alerts & reporting dashboard, LTI’s Trade Finance Automation solution makes document handling simple and convenient.

Key Highlights:

  • Leverage pre-built dictionaries & vocabularies of the bank for sanctions screening.
  • Solution leverages NLP & continuous learning so that the system adapts to new information.
  • Assisted operations integrate to the existing process and improve efficiencies.
  • Product agnostic solution, and can be customized and integrated to the environment.


  • Comprehensive and continuous learning brings consistency to the process & results, leveraging codification of knowledge.
  • ~20% to 35% reduction in TAT for information extraction, review and validation.
  • Timely alerts, resulting in penalties avoidance.

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