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Smart Selfie Quotes

The insurance Industry is witnessing a revolution, especially due of the steady adoption of Artificial Intelligence. This is dramatically transforming customer experience, and is leading to more empowered and satisfied customers who expect quick service. With customer at the focus; LTI’s Smart Selfie Quotes solution is here to simplify and un-complicate the process of acquiring a customized insurance plan.

LTI’s AI-powered Smart Selfie Quotes, leverages the current selfie trend, and fuses it with a highly intuitive virtual assistant that provides self-service capability to the customer. Smart Selfie Quotes solution reduces the customers’ effort of finding the best and most suitable claim for themselves and for their families. The solution eliminates agent interaction through self-service, thus drastically reducing the time usually spent on on-call or in-person meetings. The solution leverages deep learning for facial analysis, to extract key details, and natural language processing to understand user response to lifestyle questions; designing an insurance plan suitable to the customer.

Key Highlights:

  • Intuitive virtual assistant to help customers discover suitable insurance policies
  • Deep learning algorithm for facial analysis to extract customer facial features
  • Flexibility to add dependents to the plan, using just their selfies
  • The recommendation engine combines customer responses to lifestyle questionnaire, and features from selfie to recommend the right insurance plan.


  • Improved customer experience – Simple, intuitive and intelligent conversations
  • Hassle-free personalized plans – in three simple and quick steps
  • No agent intervention required, thus reducing TAT
  • Self-service empowered customer, with 24X7 virtual assistant availability.

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