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Next Generation Service Desk

Traditionally, Service Desk is a manual and knowledge-based activity. Knowledge gained through experience resides with the support engineer, making service desk management highly person-dependent. Organizations have to deal with fluctuating ticket sizes, rising attrition and increasing customer expectations, while containing costs and optimizing operations. This leaves the traditional service desks with high turnaround time and dissatisfied customers.

At LTI, we understand these pertinent challenges that enterprises face, and bring you a solution to resolve such issues. Our next generation Service Desk, transforms your existing environment, brings efficiencies and codifies knowledge, thus simplifying your overall business processes. Our Service Desk introduces self- service, automates repetitive tasks and assists support engineers to diagnose and resolve tickets faster by leveraging cognitive capabilities.

Key Highlights:

  • Unlocking knowledge through the mining of knowledge base and various other structured and unstructured data.
  • Cognitive and feedback-based adaptive systems.
  • A highly scalable model, without increase in the cost of operations.
  • Intelligent Virtual Assistant, assisting users and support engineers in productivity improvement, with recommendations for resolution.


  • Customer self-service capability, leading to significant ticket reduction for service desk, by providing self-service virtual assistants.
  • Natural & intuitive virtual assistance, drastically improving customer experience.
  • Improved turnaround time.
  • Consolidation of knowledge and feedback-based learning for continuous improvement.

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